About Gillian Grossman

Certified Parenting Coach


I always thought that becoming a mother would add a depth to my life that my education, career, and relationships could not.  But what happens to us when we have kids?  By the time my son was 8 and I was in my 40s, I felt more stuck than ever before.  The demands were overwhelming and the harder I tried to help my son, the more difficult it became to connect with him.  I was no longer sure why I was trying to fit myself or my son into the box of school, work, sports, social and family expectations that had become our life.  And were the diagnoses and medicines helping us or hurting us?  I felt so baffled.


Through a wonderful therapist I had at the time, I was inspired to take an 8-week meditation course.  I was often embarrassed to tell family and friends that I was doing this course.  Meditation wasn’t intellectual or practical.  It seemed like a luxury; who has time to just breathe and be, let alone take a class about it and do it for an hour every day?!  The meditation class was the start of something new for me.  It became harder and harder to ignore the whispers inside me, like the one saying ‘I want my life to feel more real.


From meditation, I returned to study something that had always fascinated me , the synthesis of eastern and western philosophies in health and healing therapies.  Soon I discovered Dr. Shefali, author of The Awakened Family, and became inspired by her mission to transform the traditional parenting paradigm. 


Parenting is a powerful lever for raising our own self-awareness.  As I was coached in conscious parenting, my life changed.  From the outside, some things looked different and some stayed the same, but the hardest and best changes were happening within me.

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I am a Certified Parenting Coach and use licensed resources from Dr. Shefali Tsabary (renowned author of "The Awakened Family" and "The Conscious Parent") in my work with clients.  As a parenting coach, I will help you gain clarity on what conscious parenting means for you; give you exercises, tools, and creative strategies to support you; and be a sounding board and boost whenever you need it (even in between sessions).  

A coach offers the non-judgmental and confidential advice that you might seek from a therapist combined with the cheerleading and troubleshooting that you might seek from a friend. 


Coaching is a flourishing and effective field for getting help in so many areas of your life.  A coach may be just what you need to help you grow through what you are going through. 

The first session is a complimentary opportunity for us to get to know each other. Schedule yours today!