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My mission is to help you create a relationship with your children

where you both feel true, connected, and supported in your growth.

You Have  a Choice...

Has parenting become another job, rather than a journey that is energizing you with new discoveries and joy?  


Do you find your family unraveling around challenges such as

screen time, bedtime, anxiety, anger, school, addictive behaviors, or sibling rivalry?  Is the energy it takes for you to motivate your kids exhausting you?  Do you notice the same battles happening over and over again?

Then maybe you are ready to consider a new way of looking at your role as a parent.  Or maybe you have already heard of conscious parenting and would like support as you make this shift in your life.

Choose Conscious Parenting

Conscious parenting is an approach that can help you feel less frustrated and more aligned with your values and desires.  Rather than focusing on your child's behaviors, you will deepen your understanding and ability to:​

  • Deconstruct your triggers so you can calm unhelpful reactions,

  • Attune with your child's energy instead of getting caught up in their words,  

  • Replace ineffective consequences with life enhancing boundaries,

  • Identify generational patterns that you no longer want to pass down. 


​There is a wealth of resources to help us with parenting at every age, stage, and situation.  Yet, no matter the strategies we choose, it is the energy and emotions underlying our parenting that will have the greatest effect on our children’s growth and our own happiness.

​No matter your family situation, why wait to offer a more accepting and authentic relationship to your kids? 

Gillian Grossman

Certified Parenting Coach

Like many of us, I spent too many years feeling trapped by the pressures that caring for children can bring up in every aspect of our lives.  Conscious parenting was the beginning of my journey to free myself and create a family life that was more in sync with my heart, and not dictated by my anxiety, fears, societal pressures, or the voices and values from my childhood.  Certified in the Conscious Parenting Method in February, 2020, it has been a privilege to help individuals and couples gain clarity and apply creative strategies that transform their parenting.

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